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Circuit Business Consulting

CBC is a young company focusing on consulting projects to shape the connected and sustainable mobility of tomorrow.
Partnering up with a consultancy company based in Germany, allowed CBC to tap into the vast ecosystem of respected international corporations and universities.

Our clients are the leading German and American automotive companies that operate in Germany. In addition to these premium OEM companies, CBC also works with innovative car manufacturers as well as mobility solution providers of the new age.

CBC is founded by Dr. Advan Begovic and Amar Begovic. They have spent years in managerial positions in leading German companies, achieving admirable results on projects regarding innovative business models, product development, and process and manufacturing optimization in the automotive industry.

CBC aims to educate ambitious individuals and allow them to live the lives they’re dreaming of by working on cutting-edge technologies within leading companies while staying in their home country Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Circuit Business Consulting strives to provide its team members with impressive growth, learning, and development opportunities. The main aim of CBC is to provide its employees with ongoing career growth opportunities.

Trust, honesty, and team spirit are our core values, so we could create solutions for tomorrow together. That’s why every CBC team member will get to contribute to the growth of this first international consultancy company in the automotive industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Enjoy working in an unique environment

Work directly for our clients in Germany

Travel and visit leading automotive companies in Germany

Receive constant support for personal growth and development

Get endless opportunities for career promotion

Be a part of incredible team building and happy Friday events

Why CBC as a business partner? Why join CBC as a consultant? Where are we located?

Rapidly changing societal and geopolitical factors, demand for shorter product innovation cycles, digitalization as an increasing success factor, and striving for higher business efficiency are challenges for small and large corporations across all industries.

CBC is a reliable partner for your organization. In order to address your business challenges, we co-create and implement innovative solutions all along your value chain. The basis are our skilled and motivated consultants as well as our agile and proactive mindset.

Our consultants have a long-standing experience in the Automotive and Railway industry, working in different fields and holding executive management functions.

Trust, honesty, and team spirit are our core values and we stand for equal chances for everyone. CBC provides a future driven, innovative, open and agile working environment, which is unique in the Western Balkan region.

Our consultants and their personal development are our main internal focus, in order to create positive impact as a team. That’s why every CBC team member is able to contribute to the growth of CBC directly, while CBC ensures a personal growth path for each team member.

Our mission is to provide an opportunity to a high number of skilled professionals and talents from Bosnia and Herzegovina and its regions to contribute to the success of international clients.

We are operating globally out of our headquarters in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our headquarters offers an unique agile working environment, fostering the creativity of our team members.

Additionally, we work close together with our clients at their preferred location, in order to cooperate jointly and create immediate value for our clients.