We are a young Management Business Consulting company founded in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, by two enthusiasts with multiple years of experience in the German industry and leading management positions.

Our main target is to shape the future of our client’s businesses by providing consultancy services along the whole value chain. We set our focus on cutting-edge innovations from development to implementation. The core of CBC are our highly skilled consultants with a profound understanding of industrial needs. Our team consists of multilingual people with different educational backgrounds.

Our Mission

As the first management business consulting in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans, CBC aims to provide innovative and cutting-edge solutions to our clients based across Europe and the world.

We strongly believe that our cooperation with international, industry-leading companies will motivate young talents and experienced professionals to remain in their home country, as CBC will provide them the opportunity to work with premium clients and directly contribute to future trends.

Our Vision

We see CBC as a leading business consulting firm in the field of cutting-edge innovations for all future oriented corporations focusing on sustainable and seamless future mobility. Within the next period of time we aim to become an internationally recognized competence center with highly skilled consultants in the field of digital services, new business models and efficiency optimization to shape the mobility of tomorrow, while implementing agile working methods along the whole value chain.

Why CBC as a business partner? Why join CBC as a consultant? Where are we located?

Rapidly changing societal and geopolitical factors, demand for shorter product innovation cycles, digitalization as an increasing success factor, and striving for higher business efficiency are challenges for small and large corporations across all industries.

CBC is a reliable partner for your organization. In order to address your business challenges, we co-create and implement innovative solutions all along your value chain. The basis are our skilled and motivated consultants as well as our agile and proactive mindset.

Our consultants have a long-standing experience in the Automotive and Railway industry, working in different fields and holding executive management functions.

Trust, honesty, and team spirit are our core values and we stand for equal chances for everyone. CBC provides a future driven, innovative, open and agile working environment, which is unique in the Western Balkan region.

Our consultants and their personal development are our main internal focus, in order to create positive impact as a team. That’s why every CBC team member is able to contribute to the growth of CBC directly, while CBC ensures a personal growth path for each team member.

Our mission is to provide an opportunity to a high number of skilled professionals and talents from Bosnia and Herzegovina and its regions to contribute to the success of international clients.

We are operating globally out of our headquarters in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our headquarters offers an unique agile working environment, fostering the creativity of our team members.

Additionally, we work close together with our clients at their preferred location, in order to cooperate jointly and create immediate value for our clients.


We create visionary and comprehensive solutions that take into consideration all essential aspects of the customer’s business success. Our focus on connected and sustainable mobility of the future ensures a high level of expertise.

Products & Services

We provide digital solutions for your products that go above and beyond the expectations of your existing and future customers.

Production Design

We aid automotive companies in the creation of new and the improvement of existing production systems.


We revolutionize product and process landscapes by methodically employing innovative digitization solutions.

Production Strategy

We create visionary and comprehensive production strategies that take into consideration all essential aspects of the manufacturing process.

Integrated Producct & Process Development

We bridge the gaps between product and process development to help companies bring innovative products to the market as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

General Management Consulting

We are a reliable partner to support your daily and strategic management decisions in order to set the right track for your company.

Digital Products & Services

Our cutting-edge digital solutions will ensure your products go above and beyond your customers' expectations.

Digital Manufacturing

We deploy breakthrough digitalization solutions that help companies transform their product and process landscapes.

Integrated Product & Process Development

We optimize the interface between development and production to help companies bring innovative products quickly, efficiently, and without sacrificing quality expectations or customer satisfaction.

Production Design

We aid companies in the automotive and railway industry in creating new and improving existing production designs.

Production Strategy

We tailor production strategies that meet our clients' specific needs and objectives and result in high productivity growth.

General Management Consulting

We are a reliable partner that will support your daily and strategic management decisions in order to set your company on the right track.
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